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The Self-Contained Gamma Siren Series from "Whelen Engineering" is a low-cost siren that provides a wide range of features and has 23 scan-lock siren tones. With horn button generates an Airhorn tone and the manual button generates a variety of tones as pre-selected by the user, up to 3 tones.

  • Meets SAE Class A sound requirements when used with most 100 watt speakers.
  • Meets California Title XIII requirements.
  • Two On/Off 20 amp auxiliary rocker switches with LED ��On �� indicators, control auxiliary equipment (Beacons, Hide-A-Ways, etc.).
  • Stand-by button provides Hands-Free operation/override from horn ring.
  • Tone button activates Wail tone (may be programmed for other tones).
  • Easy to install with standard bail-strap mounting bracket.
  • Two year warranty.