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Responder LED Dash & Deck Light - With SYNC

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The Responder Dash Light 2 Head is �a versatile light that makes a Dash or Deck light. Measuring in at under 1-inch tall, this is the thinnest LED light in the industry, but don ��t let its delicate size fool you. �This �Dash/Deck light features an onboard, self-contained flasher module as well as a "Synchronize" wire giving users full control over the light and the ability to customize it as needed. �

  • Featuring 2 heads of 6 4W LEDs in each module �(12 LEDs total), the Responder � light output is blinding.
  • Cased in a durable aluminum frame with a sleek black finish, this little light will go unnoticed until you ��re ready for it.
  • This light features 25 warning patterns and directional patterns and comes with a handy flashback shield.
  • Every light comes standard with a 10-foot cable harness, L brackets, and suction cups for easy installation.
  • With its compact, streamlined design and high-quality build, the Responder Dash Light 2 Head is made to last. �
  • Voltage: 9-13VDC
  • Powered by 12VDC
  • Dimension: Length: 9 �� x Width: 4 �� x Height: 0.95 ��

Red ................... To +VDC(fuse @3A)

Black ................ To Chassis Ground

Blue.................... For Simultaneous or Alternating flash

Yellow ............... Pattern Selection & Synchronization

Group 1 heads: (Wiring-Yellow connected to Red) will flash together

Group 2 heads: (Wiring-Yellow not connected to Red) will flash together

Group 1 heads will alternate with Group 2 heads

-Connect Blue wires of all heads together �for Synchronization

-All heads must be on same flash pattern to be able to Sync.