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Havis Prisoner Transport Seat Belt Option

by Havis
SKU PT-A-917
  • Prisoner transport option
  • Seat belts (standard two-point lap belt)
  • One seat belt is included for each seat location for all new prisoner transport inserts
  • Prisoner transport inserts manufactured 2007and newer include 1/2 inch threaded inserts in the bench / wall assembly and the hardware for attaching grab straps and or seat belts
  • Inserts manufactured 2006 or older require drilling and 1/2 inch diameter hardware for mounting grab straps and or seat belts. access to the back side for attaching the nuts cannot be done unless the insert is partially removed or access holes are cut
  • New belt should only be needed if replacing or adding a belt to an existing PT insert
  • Gross Weight: �1.00 lbs

Abbreviated Product Description: