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Havis Master primary wire harness for all Havis, Inc. prisoner transport inserts

by Havis
SKU PT-A-919
  • Master primary wire harness for all Havis, inc. prisoner transport inserts
  • Harness for installing from between front seats to rear door ceiling area with terminations at recommended accessory locations
  • Overall length is 31.5 feet to properly fit medium height / long wheel base vans (extra harness must be carefully coiled up when used in smaller vans)
  • Eliminates installers time and material cost for a custom made harness
  • Includes automotive grade cross link wires only for the following:

  • Four (4) dome lights (dome lights included with PT insert)
  • Optional PT-A-921 power vent
  • Optional PT-A-916 rear load light (includes wires for front and rear switching)
  • Three (3) 16 gauge spare wires for emergency lighting
  • Two (2) 14 gauge and (1) 16 gauge additional spare wires are available if PT-A-921 is not used
  • Optional accessory kits PT-A-921 and PT-A-916 do not include wiring and wire connectors
  • Other optional accessory kits not listed above do include necessary wiring
  • Terminals, wire ties or clamps for mounting and connecting to accessories are not included with harness (must be provided by installer)
  • See installation instructions for details
  • Gross Weight:1.00 lbs

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