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Havis Forklift Height Adjustable Overhead Mounting Package for Tablets

by Havis
SKU C-MH-1005
  • Forklift height adjustable overhead mounting package for tablets
  • Includes universal CM007855 mount and CM007857 motion device to fit many overhead forklift applications
  • Used to mount Havis DS-DELL-600, 610, 700 Series and DS-GTC-210 Series docks
  • Includes VESA 75mm and AMPS mounting hole patterns
  • Universal design for multiple positioning and different computer mount options
  • Adjustable length from 13-7/8" to 17-1/4"
  • Positions the computer in the upper / out of the way corner
  • Allows unobstructed viewing for driving and loading pallets
  • Provides clearance for lift controls
  • Ergonomic access to computer
  • Tilt for preferred computer viewing
  • Swivel so computer can be used when standing next to forklift
  • Swivel for preferred computer viewing and improved driving visibility
  • Keyboard adapter included with Model C-MH-1006
  • Mount not intended for stowing computer in horizontal position
  • Gross Weight: �14.00 lbs

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