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Havis 16" Enclosed 26 degree Angled Series Console

by Havis
SKU C-SM-1626
  • 16" enclosed 26 � angled Series Heavy-duty console
  • Overall housing measurements: 20.5" long x 10" high x 9" wide
  • Mounts to vehicle hump bracket, ordered separately (tunnel mount recommended)
  • Includes filler plates (FP) and/or equipment brackets (EB) to completely enclose mounting area less internal mount options
  • Works with most Havis, inc. console accessories and control head equipment brackets
  • See drawing min/max for mounting depth allowed for control heads and/or options.
  • Standard wire knockout covers in front end panel of console can be removed to provide professional wiring of mounted equipment
  • Hole pattern on top right corner of console allows mounting of C-MD-102 mounting device
  • Hole pattern on the right side of console allows mounting of C-HDM-204 side mount telescoping pole
  • Internal angled cup holder not available for this console
  • Gross Weight:20.00 lbs

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